How to change boot mode


Change boot mode to Windows 8

Go to the Windows menu on the corner of the screen (mouse movement). Click Search. Type "msconfig" and then enter. A window appears:

So you could choose to start Windows in standard mode or in Safe mode without going through the BIOS.

In the "Start" tab, you will be able to choose your Windows system installed on your PC to start at the next launch.


Cleaning tools for your PC


AdwCleaner is a free tool to remove:

  • Adware is advertising programs
  • Pups/LPIs are potentially unwanted programs
  • Toolbars are grafted toolbars to the browser difficult to remove
  • Hijacker is diverting from the browser's start page

Malwarebytes is a free tool for:

  1. Protection against attacks, harmful cookies with Ransomware.
  • Removing malware
  • Removing malicious programs (PUPs)
  • Quick and easy to use Scanner
  • Replaces antivirus programs

Revo Uninstaller 

This free utility allows you to uninstall programs and remove residues from programs that Windows has not performed. This is a complete uninstall of a program that you no longer want or you want to reinstall neatly.

Clean dust and scratches with Adobe

Dust and scratches from first Pro effects

The Creative Cloud from Adobe, Premiere Pro application has a very useful to restore filter.

This is to apply the dust and scratches effect on the video of your timeline track. By varying the parameters of threshold and proposed rays, you will reach an amazing result.

To optimize this effect, it should be to use a mask to isolate the effect to the defective areas.


Informative video on hard drive repair

A visit within a specialized company

A youtube video very instructive of 01net tv dealing methods of repairs of hard disk in order to recover data from a specialized company "Chrono drive".

Some teaching to learn:

  • Avoid working directly on the hard drive damaged: copying raw data from the damaged to another disk drive, and we're working on it
  • Possibility to change the hard drive controller card (allows to test and determine the source of the outage)
  • In the face of the wear and tear of hard disks, do not hesitate to copy everything on a disc of the nine (before even the first signs of failure)
  • hardware repairs of the disks must be confined dust-free space (vacuum Chamber we tell)
  • Rates are capped at € 750 for individuals and € 1300 for professionals (period of recovery 2 times faster)
  • Cases or recovery is simply impossible (internal drive badly scratched, internal filters blacked out because the disk well planed surface, degaussing)

See the screen of its Windows phone on a PC

This is a very interesting application detected by a forumer named Ornelien a Windows phone users

By plugging his Lumia (640 to me) USB to the PC, you can control the W10M interface via the mouse (it doesn't take over the keyboard or the mouse wheel).

This application named Projectmyscreen from Microsoft allows you to view the screen of his laptop and thus find your contact if he has had no backup before the failure of your screen for example.:
Here download link:

According to the Forum-goer:

Switch mode window, through the ESC, to control mouse.


Solution to the problem of driver IEEE1394 (Firewire) under Windows 7, 8 and 10

When Firewire interface using (for Dv, DVcam, HDV camcorder including), it happens that windows 7, Windows 8 and 10 do not properly recognize the Firewire device.

Some problems appear as:.

-Latency, bugs
-Interface controls the camera not recognized
-Clicks, noises and pests

To resolve this issue will need to change the driver firewire (IEEE-1394) manually.


1.allez on right click Device Manager on the menu start or via the Windows Control Panel

Manager preipherique
2.developper the "IEEE 1394 Host Bus Controllers" in the tree view of the devices on the right pane.

Right 3.Clic on the host controller select "Update driver".
4. Select "Browse my computer for driver".
5. Select "Choose from the list of drivers for devices on my computer" and check the box for "Show compatible hardware".
6.choisir the second option: "VIA 1394 OHCI controller compatible host ' and click next to update the driver."

choice pilot