Monitor your hard drive with Cristaldisk info


An effective utility used to monitor the health of your hard drive

It's Cristaldisk info. A utility open source portable (without prior installation). It gives you all the info like:

  • The temperature of your hard drive
  • the firmware,
  • the duration of use
  • the rate of access to head fault
  • the number of re-allocated sector
  • Error in reading rate

With a clear status indicator, it is very useful to prevent any failure and take its provisions on time (backup on a different hard disk before the complete dysfunction of the hard drive).

It is just a pity that there is no automatic alerts of significant change in the State.

Download here link

Drive hard barracuda

Restore with Digital Anarchy tools


Digital Anarchy, Publisher specialized in digital restoration tools.

The Digital Anarchy, based in San Francisco was founded by an ex-programmer from ILM, Jim Tierney in April 2001. Initially only suitable for ' After Effect from Adobe, Digital Anarchy makes tools to improve the images and video footage. The company caters to the editors, graphic artists, designers, photographers.

Digital Anarchy has also developed a plug-in named Flicker Free which strongly mitigates the effects of flicker or even delete them.

The effects of flicker (or flicker of light) is the result of brutal variation of the light intensity of the framerate low (Super 8 to 18 frames per second, for example) or by the shutter of the capture device. This unpleasant flicker effect appears also on the slow (slow motion) and the timelapse.
Flicker Free plug-in is particularly effective although heavy power calculation whether in HD, 2K and 4K.
He bit settle on your "video post" usual (Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final cut pro, etc.)

Video demonstration
The link:
Digital Anarchy offers tools to restore much interesting that one won't hesitate to test.