Informative video on hard drive repair


A visit within a specialized company

A youtube video very instructive of 01net tv dealing methods of repairs of hard disk in order to recover data from a specialized company "Chrono drive".

Some teaching to learn:

  • Avoid working directly on the hard drive damaged: copying raw data from the damaged to another disk drive, and we're working on it
  • Possibility to change the hard drive controller card (allows to test and determine the source of the outage)
  • In the face of the wear and tear of hard disks, do not hesitate to copy everything on a disc of the nine (before even the first signs of failure)
  • hardware repairs of the disks must be confined dust-free space (vacuum Chamber we tell)
  • Rates are capped at € 750 for individuals and € 1300 for professionals (period of recovery 2 times faster)
  • Cases or recovery is simply impossible (internal drive badly scratched, internal filters blacked out because the disk well planed surface, degaussing)